Move On From The Dry Eye Shuffle

Move On From The Dry Eye Shuffle


When your dry eye symptoms flare up or progress into a persistent state, like many sufferers you start the Dry Eye Shuffle.

The first card you may play is simply attributing your dry eye to other issues.  You ditch the contact lenses for a few days and try glasses instead.  You practice taking breaks at work to avoid the eye dryness that comes when staring at the computer for long hours.  You’ve even tried the blinking exercises your optometrist recommended.  Now what?

The first card most dry eye sufferers play is the Eye Drop card.  Far too many times a day, you need to stop what you are doing to add moisture to dry, itchy eyes.  Eye drops provide soothing relief at first, but you are soon taking another break to reapply.

Still seeking relief, you shuffle over to Lid Scrubs, liquid cleansers or pre-moistened pads that can be applied to aid in keeping the eyelid clean.  Lid scrubs are used to tackle bacteria and debris that can cause poor eyelid hygiene.

Next in the deck of tricks are warm compresses.  Some say that using warm compresses in conjunction with lid scrubs, you can stimulate the meibomian glands to encourage oil flow and relieve dry eye symptoms.  However, an unsafe amount of heat would be required to permeate through all layers of the eyelid to reach the meibomian glands, located on the innermost part of the eyelid that touches the eyeball.  Even with multiple sessions a day, warm compresses will still only provide temporary relief.

If you’ve been shuffling through traditional dry eye treatments with no lasting relief, put down that deck of cards.  If you are like 86% of dry eye sufferers, the root cause of your symptoms lies in those hard-to-reach eyelid glands in the form of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).  The good news is that relief exists for MGD – through the revolutionary LipiFlow treatment.

When the meibomian glands are clogged and cannot produce enough oil, moisture in the eye evaporates too quickly, leaving behind a scratchy, gritty sensation.  LipiFlow is a revolutionary new treatment that specifically targets the meibomian glands and releasing the blockages to restore proper flow of oil. The results for most patients have been very positive in providing relief from the symptoms of dry eye. In a recent survey of LipiFlow patients, 90% reported satisfaction in their results.

Odds are high that if you experienced dry eye symptoms, you have MGD. Don’t leave relief to chance any longer.  Find an eye doctor with TearScience LipiView and LipiFlow technology. With a quick and easy evaluation using TearScience’s LipiView imaging technology you can find out if the root cause of your dry eye symptoms is MGD and if the LipiFlow treatment is right for you.

Move on from the daily dry eye shuffle of temporary remedies that only provide moderate, short-term relief. Discard that losing hand and start over with the card that will work in your favor: LipiFlow.